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About is an online service established to assist Northeastern Pennsylvania's local restaurateurs in putting their menus, coupons, specials, and additional services into the hands of the consumer. In today's busy workplaces, "finding" lunch can be a time-consuming job in itself, resulting too often in lunch at the same fast food joint... day after day.

     MenusNEPA is designed with simplicity in mind. Our online menu guide promises to be easy to use and navigate, making this the place "WHERE GREAT FOOD IS FOUND FAST".

     Northeastern Pennsylvania has some of the best local and family-owned restaurants in the nation. is here to showcase these local restaurants and offer families and workplaces an alternative to fast foods.

Update November 2015: 

I realized that "About Us" might need an update after almost 10 years! I thought about it and almost deleted the above, the "About us" from 2006 when I started  In 2006 local restaurants were not on the internet.  I was in sales and I could never find "local" menus on the internet. And when we started it was really based on that one fact, "The restaurants I love can not be found on the internet"! People I worked with were instead ordering from "chains" with menus everyone knew or with the national advertising, web media advantage.  So we took restaurants we all loved from all over NEPA, restaurants we have eaten at and created a site so we could share their menus, specials and anything else they wanted to share with everyone.  Fast forward 9 years and we are the Number 1 site in NEPA to find the Best Restaurants the area has to offer.  Over 1.1 million page turns a year!  So that's why I didn't delete the above, because it is the reason we started this, to showcase our local restaurants.  And 10 years later we are still about the best restaurants NEPA has to offer, it is our client's quality products that has put on the top of all relevant internet searches, and it is their Quality that keeps our visitors coming back again and again.  Thank you for using!

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