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Main St. Bagel & Sub
235 Main St.
Dickson City, PA
Substitute "Egg-Beaters" for only .50 extra!

Daily Special$2.99
2 Eggs, choice of Ham, Bacon or Sausage, Home Fries & Toast
Tuesday's Special:$5.29
A Dozen Bagels
New York Bagels: Baker's Dozen$6.99
                              Half Dozen$4.19
Black Russian • Egg • Marble Rye • Plain • Sesame
Blueberry • "Everything"! • Multi-Grain • Poppy • Spinach
Chocolate Chip • Garlic • Oat Bran • Pumpernickel • Sundried Tomato
Cinnamon Raisin • Jalapeno • Cheddar • Onion • Salt • Whole Wheat

"Homemade" Cream Cheese: Plain, Chive, Garlic & Herb, Maple Walnut, Strawberry and Vegetable.

We also have "Cinnamon Sugar Butter"!

Bagel: w/Butter$  1.19
Bagel: w/Jelly$1.49
Bagel: w/Butter & Jelly$1.69
Bagel: w/Peanut Butter$1.59
Bagel: w/Peanut Butter & Jelly$1.69
Bagel: w/Plain Cream Cheese$1.85
Bagel: w/Plain Cream Cheese & Butter$2.10
Bagel: w/Plain Cream Cheese & Jelly$2.15
Bagel: w/Flavored Cream Cheese$2.20
Bagel: w/Flavored Cream Cheese & Butter$2.35
Bagel: w/Flavored Cream Cheese & Jelly$2.39

Hot Breakfast Sandwiches
Choice of Bagel, Hard Roll, Croissant, White Wheat or Rye

Bagel: w/Eggs$2.00
Bagel: w/Eggs & Cheese$2.35
Bagel: w/Eggs, Cheese & Bacon, Ham or Sausage$3.35
Bagel: w/Steak, Eggs & Cheese$4.49
Hot Breakfast Wrap: w/Eggs$2.29
Hot Breakfast Wrap: w/Eggs & Cheese$2.59
Hot Breakfast Wrap: w/Eggs, Cheese & Bacon, Ham or Sausage$3.59
Hot Breakfast Wrap: w/Steak, Eggs & Cheese$4.95
Hot Omelet Wrap:$5.25
w/3 Eggs, Cheese, Home Fries, Onions & choice of Bacon, Ham or Sausage
Omelets: With Home Fries & choice of Toast
With Home Fries & choice of Toast (with Bagel add .25) Extra Cheese, Mushrooms or Peppers add .25
Cheese Omelet$4.39
Mushroom & Cheese Omelet$4.95
Tomato & Cheese Omelet$4.59
Veggie Omelet$4.89
with Cheese, Onions, Hot & Sweet Peppers & Mushrooms
Steak & Cheese Omelet$5.75
Western Omelet$5.95
with Cheese, Ham, Onions, Hot & Sweet Peppers & Mushrooms
"Everything" Omelet$6.95
with Cheese, Bacon, Ham Sausage, Onions, Hot & Sweet Peppers & Mushrooms

French Toast and Pancakes
Add 2 Eggs any style for a $1 extra.

Cinnamon Sugar French Toast$4.59
with Bacon, Ham or Sausage
with Bacon, Ham or Sausage
Chocolate Chip, Banana or Blueberry Pancakes$4.95
with Bacon, Ham or Sausage

Ask about our Daily Lunch Specials!

Hoagies Served on a 12" Hoagie Bun with Chips. For Cheese, Mushrooms & Peppers add .25¢

Italian or American$5.25 Ham & Cheese (Hot or Cold)$4.75
Salami & Cheese$4.75 Roast Beef & Cheese$4.95
Tuna$4.95 Turkey & Cheese$4.95
Tuna Melt$5.75 Steak & Cheese$5.25
Cheeseburger Hoagie$5.25 Western Steak & Cheese$5.75
Hot Wing Hoagie$5.75 Chicken Parmesan$5.75
Grilled Chicken$5.25 Meatball Parmesan$5.75

Wraps Choice of Honey Wheat, Sun Dried Tomato,
Garlic & Herb or Spinach Wrap.

Grilled Chicken$5.25 Steak & Cheese$4.95
Turkey & Cheese$4.95 Ham & Cheese$4.50
Veggie$4.00 Roast Beef & Cheese$4.75
Tuna$4.95 Chicken Salad$4.75
Italian$4.95 Chicken Ceasar$5.25
Buffalo Chicken$5.25   

Sandwiches Served on your choice of bread.

Cheeseburger Club$5.50 Club Sandwich$5.25
Cheeseburger Club


 Tuna Salad


  Ham, Turkey or Roast Beef
Lox & Cream Cheese$4.49 BLT$3.25
Grilled Chicken$4.25 Cheeseburger$2.95
Texas Cheeseburger$3.75 Texas Wiener$1.95
Grilled Cheese$2.50 Grilled Cheese w/Ham or Bacon$3.25
Reuben$4.95 Main Street Supreme$4.95
Corned Beef or Turkey grilled turkey, cheese, bacon and russian dressing on your choice of bread

Soups and Salads Dressings:
French, Ranch, Italian, Lite Italian, Bleu Cheese, 1,000 Island or Oil & Vinegar.

Tossed Salad$2.25 Chicken Strip Salad$5.75
with Cheese add .25  
Buffalo Chicken Salad$5.50 Chef's Salad$5.95
Tuna Salad$5.75 Chicken Caesar Salad$5.95
Homemade Soup of the Day$2.50  Blue cheese dressing extra.50 

Side Orders

Pierogies (3 per order)$2.25 Onion Rings$2.00
Cauliflower Bites$3.75 Mozzarella Sticks$4.00
Curly Fries$2.25 French Fries$1.75
Home Fries$1.75 French Fries w/Gravy or Cheese$2.25
Fire Fires$2.75 Chicken Fingers$4.50
Buffalo Chicken Fingers$5.50
Served with Bleu Cheese Dressing and Celery

Homemade Baked Goods

Mini Bread$1.50

Pizza by the Tray (10 cuts)
Tray Cheese Pizza$8.50
Slice $1.25
Tray Meatball Pizza$11.95
Trays Only
Tray Hot Wing Pizza$15.00
Trays Only

Halloween Party Solution!

  We offer a full line of bagel, sandwich, salad and wrap platters!  Perfect for your Halloween Parties both at the office and at home.  We can even deliver them right to your door!

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Main St. Bagel & Sub
235 Main St.
Dickson City, PA 18519


Free Delivery!
Up to 3 miles with $10 miniumum order
Over 3 miles:
$2 charge with $10 minimum order

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